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Security Software & Sub Categories


Anti Hacker

Protect your PC against hackers with a powerful rootkit detector.


VIPRE Advanced Security

Get real-time monitoring and protection from virus, phishing, and other online threats.


Windows XP Patch

Support Patch for Wireless Protected Access



View and recover passwords and other critical information for various computer programs.



Protect your PC against ransomware.


Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware

Monitor all activity in the computer and identify actions which are typical of ransomware activity.


DarkComet RAT Remover

Find and delete DarkComet RAT from memory and keylogger log.


Keyboard Tracer

Record everything typed on the keyboard.


USB Safeguard Free

Encrypt and protect data with password on your removable pen drive.


AdFender Professional

Block ads, trackers, malware domains, browse anonymously and protect your online privacy.


Lo and Behold for Windows 10

Lo and Behold is a network tracking tool that will enable users to track their Internet traffic from any App, Browser, Cookie or plugin, hidden anywhere on your machine.



Detect and remove different types of adware and spyware.