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XenArmor Facebook Password Recovery Pro

Recover all your lost or forgotten Facebook passwords from top 30+ browsers.


XenArmor Browser Password Recovery Pro

Recover Web site, e-mail, social network passwords from top 25+ browsers.


XenArmor Outlook Password Recovery Pro

Recover your lost or forgotten e-mail passwords from Microsoft Outlook.



Monitor employee computer use, measure worker productivity, and track device locations.


Paranoid File Shredder

Shred your secret files securely across LAN computers.


Shadow Defender

Keep your computer privacy and protect your data.


AVG Remover

Remove all the parts of your AVG installation from your computer.


LoginWise Password Manager

Keep and manage your passwords in local encrypted database.


Spia Net Screen

Keep track of everything that is done on your computer and your network.



Recover RAR, ZIP, and HASH passwords.


E-Lock ProSigner

Make your business processes secure and provide confidentiality for documents and transactions.


Advanced File Encryption Pro

Lock and encrypt files, folders and e-mails with various ciphers.