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Spyrix Free Parental Control

Record all user activity on PC.


Free Facebook Monitoring

Monitor your kids' Facebook usage.


Qustodio Professional

Monitor and manage device and Internet use in your organization.



Monitor your children computer activities.


Stop P-O-R-N

Block access to pornographic material on the Internet.



Detect pornographic images and replace them with pixelated versions.


Porn Terminator Delete Porn Pro

Detect and remove pornographic images and video on your computer.


K9 Web Protection

Monitor and protect your child from offensive Web sites.


Windows Live Family Safety

Help keep your kids safer online.


ParentalControl Bar

Prevent your children from accessing adult-oriented Web sites.


Isurveillancesoft Keylogger

Log and monitor user activities on PC.


WhiteNight Net Safeguard

Protect your family from inappropriate content on the Web and on PC.