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Security Software & Sub Categories


Geo Firewall

Block countries and custom networks according to geography.


DNS Proxywall

Block Web sites, domain names, and geographical locations using wildcard based rules.


Coolmuster Android Eraser

Erase everything on your Android device and protect your privacy.


Manyprog Zip Password Recovery

Recover forgotten passwords to ZIP archives.


USB Security Suite

Eliminate security risks and prevent data theft by USB disks.


Lock-A-Folder (64-Bit)

Keep your folders secure and safe.



Enable protection from spam and viruses to multiple internal servers.



Build an entire document ecosystem in a digital manner - sign, send, track, archive, and manage.


Cyber Privacy Suite

Minimize your online exposure and stop being tracked.


Spycam Lizard

Record images and videos from a webcam using motion detection or time-lapse.



Sign multiple PDF files at once with X.509 digital certificates.


VBA Password Recovery Lastic

Recover VBA project password in Microsoft Office documents.