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Receive hourly report of staff computers activities.


Messenger Detect

Monitor and record IM and Web chat from your Local network automatically and secretly.


ActiveXperts Environmental Monitor

Monitor temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, motion and more; Use AVTech or other device.



Get a server and service monitoring Windows sidebar for administrators.



Track computer location, screen, camera, key logging, browser history, retrieve and delete files.

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Netcam Studio

Setup a video surveillance solution with your PC.


BlackBox Security Monitor Professional

Monitor all computers activity in your network.


LaneCat Inside

Monitor, manage, and record all the computer activity in your Lan.



Take regular breaks from the computer as recommended by Health and Safety guidelines.


WirelessMon Standard

Monitor the status of wireless WiFi adapters.


Security Camera Viewer

Start video surveillance with motion detection and video recording functions.


Monitor Computer Usage Software

Record how long each window is active over a given length of time.