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Security Software & Sub Categories


SterJo Facebook Blocker

Block browsers from accessing Facebook.


LightLogger Free

Record keystrokes on your PC.


Wolfeye Keylogger

Monitor and record user activity on PC.


Spyrix Personal Monitor Pro

Record all computer activity with hidden webcam feed and audio recording.


Real PC Spy

Record secretly all PC and Internet activity.


HT Employee Monitor

Monitor employee activities and block unwanted Web sites.


Portable Keylogger

Run a keylogger from a portable drive.


Keylogger Detector

Protect your PC from unauthorized monitoring software.


TrackView (Chinese)

Track location and perform surveillance on your computers and mobile devices in China.


CCTV Software

Perform direct recording to computers or PC without DVR or NVR.


Net Nanny

Protect your children from unwanted Internet content.


Anti Hacker

Protect your PC against hackers with a powerful rootkit detector.