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Security Software & Sub Categories



Unblock websites, hide your real IP, protect your privacy.



Connect to newtwork via free vpn client.



Protect your online activity, surf the Internet securely and anonymously.


Private Secure Disk

Create a virtual disk to store your personal data.



Unblock access and protect your privacy on your Windows devices.


Desktop Secret Lock

Protect your system against remote desktop hacking or unauthorized access.


VPN Client Pro

Break down the limits, connect to any countries, access the desired Web sites.


VIPRE Identity Shield

Secure your information, ensures your privacy online, and blocks webcam-microphone snooping.


Panfone iOS Eraser Free

Erase data on your iOS device permanently.


Blur (formerly DoNotTrackMe) for Chrome

Protect your passwords, payments, and privacy.


File Cleaner

Erase Internet history and permanently shred files.


IP Hider

Surf the Web anonymously hiding your IP.