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My Folder to My Computer

Store your personal files in a folder that can be converted into a protected system folder.


Anti-Adblock Killer

Keep your ad-blocker active, when you visit a Web site and it asks you to disable.



Secure your online banking, shopping, and browsing.


Windows Geeks Password Removal Tool

Remove, reset, and recover all passwords on your computer.


Sun Firewall

Keep your valuable data secure during remote desktop connection.


Pasprog Opera Password Forgotten

View and manage passwords stored in Opera browser.


Pasprog ZIP Password Forgotten

Remove password from ZIP archive.


Pasprog Chrome Password Forgotten

Find and view passwords stored in Chrome browser.


Notebook PEA

Encrypt and password protect your texts, avoid saving unencrypted text while working with it.


Free Rar Password Recovery

Recover and unlock RAR passwords.


Dr.Web CureIt

Scan your PC and remove viruses and malware.


Cypher Notepad

Secure your data with hybrid encryption that uses both RSA and AES.