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Scrble Lite for Windows 10

Scrble lite is a sublimely simple app for free-hand notes on Windows 8.


Linear Interpolation Calculator

Interpolate between values to arrive to the correct intermediate result.


ScanWritr for Windows 10

Scan documents, annotate, add signature, fax, make PDF, write on image, save docs to cloud, print.


Orifice Design Calculator

Size an orifice plate using ISO5167 (2003) and Crane, plot a chart profile.


LMTD Calculator

Calculate and measure temperature difference and temperature deriving force.


Infinity Wallet

Exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 100+ cryptos with personal cryptocurrency wallet.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor

Extract leads from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.


Measurement Unit Converter

Convert quantities between different units of measurement.


Notepad++ Plugin Manager

Install, update, categorize, and smoothly remove all existing plugins from Notepad++.


Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

Make step by step thermal design calculations of double pipe heat exchangers.


Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Design

Perform thermal analysis and calculations for gasketed plate heat exchangers.


Heat Duty Calculator

Calculate the heat duty for sensible and latent heat transfer.