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Productivity Software & Sub Categories


Work'in Memories

Monitor the progress of teams in real time and calculate your work time with your computer activity.


Calendar Creator Deluxe

Create and print your own calendars and planners.


Microsoft Office OneNote 2010

Capture, organize and share notes.


Windows 10 Mail and Calendar

Stay up to date on your email, manage your schedule and stay in touch with people.


Date Time Counter

Start an event countdown timer/time tracker to count days, hours, minutes, seconds.


gCalendar Client Pro for Windows 10

Manage your events with functional and customizable calendar for every day.


Efficient Calendar Free

Arrange and track your appointments and events with cross-platform scheduler, planner, and reminder.


Desktop Calendar

Be alerted of any events when you turn your computer on.


Google Calendar Client for Windows

Display events from multiple Google Calendars on your desktop.


The Daily Project

Combine simplicity of a task manager with flexibility of tracking tasks in both projects and categories.


Daily Journal

Write your memories or appointments with ease.


Health Break

Remind yourself to get up and relax.