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AkelPad Portable

Enhance plain text file manageability with state-of-the-art, notepad-like manipulation functions.


Full Screen Calculator

Calculate in full screen, where all figures are displayed for ease of error checking and editing.


Any Text File

Read text files sentence by sentence.



Analyze and test your stock options strategies.



Access 10 useful microprograms embedded into one DOS command-line terminal window.


ChartNexus for Stock Market

Provide stock market charts with free 3-year data for all markets, updated daily.


Panopreter (64-bit)

Read any text aloud with natural voices and convert the text to mp3, ogg, flac, and wav audio files.


Arabic Text Reverser

Input Arabic letters into applications that do not support Arabic.

... for Windows 10 for Windows 8 is your gateway to all critical real-time information about Indian and global markets.



Creates random phrases or words in an easy way.



Reform your work style, start to work based on tasks.



Take notes or work with plain texts in Unicode editor with support for right-to-left languages.