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Writers Pad for Windows 10

Writers Pad is apps for people who love to write.


Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Design

Perform thermal design calculations and sizing of air cooled heat exchangers.


First Name Gender Processor for Excel

Separate first and last names and determine gender and salutation based on the first name.



Perform arithmetic calculations, calculate time, value of money, intrinsic value per share estimation.



Keep your PC awake and prevent 'Away' status in messaging apps.


iCalendar Desktop

Create, maintain, and synchronize your calendars of events.



Get a text editor for your operating system.


Overview of Blackboard Learn for Windows 10

In this FREE Blackboard overview course trainer Jason Diehl gives you an intensive first look at all the modules that are contained in the Blackboard Learn system.



Create and maintain a monthly budget.


Weight Calculator

Perform weight calculations of any engineering material.


Panopreter (32-bit)

Read any text aloud with natural voices and convert the text to mp3, ogg, flac, and wav audio files.


Keep Lite for Windows 10

Please note, Google Keep does not have a API to build an app around it.