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PresbyCal Desktop Calendar

Place a Presbyterian calendar with various features on your desktop.


Automotive Wolf

Organize and track maintenance records for your car.

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RapidSP Trading Simulator

Simulate realistic tick-by-tick paper trading of stocks, futures, and currencies.


UV Outliner

Create documents with hierarchies and sub points using single pane outliner with multicolumn support.


Smart Calendar Software

Prepare and generate your own event calendar.


VIP Organizer

Personal task management software for workflow optimization by to-do list usage.


Join Multiple CSV Files Into One Software

Horizontally or vertically join one or more CSV files. Save result as a new CSV.


Simpleplanning Budget Planner

Build and track your home budget using Excel spreadsheet.


Graphviz for Windows

Illustrate your ideas and works in the form of diagrams, abstract graphs, and networks.


Find and Replace In All Files In Batch Software

Find and replace text in one of more files.


Count Frequently Used Phrases In Multiple Text & HTML Files Software

Count the number of times specified phrases occur in multiple text or HTML files.


Doc To ODT Converter Software

Convert multiple DOCs to ODTs.