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Store and structure information to find it again later.


Clickcharts Pro

Create UML diagrams or other visual representation of your ideas, structure, and processes.


Brainstorm and organize your ideas online.



Work together to write the script, prepare the shoot, and take your cast and crew into production.


SimpleMind Desktop

View, edit, and modify Mind Maps on your desktop.


Edraw Mind Map

Build, save, share, and print arbitrary mind maps.



Collect and illustrate your ideas, thoughts, and tasks to enhance the decision making skills.


MindMaple Lite

Stimulate project managing and brainstorming with the help of the visual content.


MindMapper 16 Arena

Create mind maps and calendar entries.


Nevron Draw

Create flowcharts, organizational charts, diagrams, and mind maps.



Find out how millions of users worldwide have revolutionized the way they think.

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Mind Collected

Build visual database of your mind to activate your memory and inner genius.