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Productivity Software & Sub Categories



Keep and manage your text notes.


Kasa Hesap Edition (Income Expense Tracking)

Manage and track your income and expenses.


Snipping Tool

Take rectangular or free shape screenshots in Windows.



Make calculation and convert length, temperature, weight, and Time.


GnuCash Reporting

Generate simple accounting reports for GnuCash data.


Envelope Printer

Print and save envelope addressing information.


Edit Pad

Take quick notes and write texts in a word processor.



Map and manage decision making processes.


VCF to CSV Converter

Extract information on your contacts in VCF files and export to a CSV file.


Efficient Notes Network

Manage and share your memos, notes, and desktop sticky notes in one cross-platform interface.


Easy Speech2Text

Convert audio to text and convert text to audio.


Zune Software

Sync contents from a PC to a Zune device.