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Lottery Number Generator Software

Generate a specified number of lottery picks and save them as a text file.


Avernum 2

Escape from the deadly prison with the multitudes of puzzles and quests.

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Checkers Game Software

Play a game of checkers against the computer.


UK Truck Simulator

Drive your truck across the UK, pick and deliver cargo on time.


123 Free Lottery Software

Perform various calculations to improve your chances of winning the lottery.


MB Sree Lagna

Understand to what extent you can go forward in the field of achieving material wealth.


857 Chess Endgame Puzzles

Get unique collection of chess puzzles by famous composers to know the unknown in chess endgame.


Noughts & Crosses

Make a line of X's or O's to win.


Mystery Island II

Save the Earth from massive alien invasion.


Potty Pool

Play 8 Ball Pool where you pot all your coloured balls in the pockets and end with the black to win.


Crossword Maker

Make your own crosswords, print them out or try within the program.


Trucks & Trailers

Put your trucks driving skills to the test with 7 trucks and over 50 challenges.