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The Tribez for Windows 10

Tribez is not just a game.


Drive Racer Winter

This is a race in which you go to conquer roads in the winter forests where the races take place.


Kamaz Truck Driver 4

Drive the legendary Kamaz truck.



Play over 500 different types of solitaire games including klondike, freecell, spider.


Zombie Baby Vs Zombie Pank 2

Play as a zombie against other zombies and try to stay alive.


Test Drive

Take trip on wild side in fancy set of wheels.


Zombie Baby Vs Zombie Clown

Win in zombie clown game.


Lep's World for Windows 10

''Lep's World" is a legendary 2D platformer / sidescroller (or jump and run), with over 175 million downloads.


Parasites In Ruined City 2

Kill new monsters of a destroyed city.


Outlaws demo

Help this ex-marshal exact revenge the old-fashioned way.


GameCleaner (Steam)

Remove old cache, dump, unwanted files from your Steam platform.


Angry Birds Rio

Slingshot birds across destructive objects and make way to escape form Rio.