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Mines Of Evil

Stop hordes of demons with a shotgun.



Destroy the freaks of the sewers of Berlin.


Abandoned Containers

Go check the old dump of containers, take weapon and try to stay alive.


Call Of Honor

Try to besiege crowds of restless bandits, protect the city.


Virus Doctor 2

Collect medicine, fight off viruses and don't kill good cells.


Zombie In Night

Kill zombies to stay alive.


Alone In The Forest

Try to survive and destroy the zombies.


Parasites In Ruined City 2

Kill new monsters of a destroyed city.


Zombie In Railway

Destroy the zombies and prevent the infection from spreading around the city.


Base Arena City 2

Support your players by killing enemies.


Base In Apocalyptic City

Look for weapon on a secret military base in the ruined city and protect it.


Bloody Grounds

Ward off zombies' attacks to save your life after the explosion on a chemical plant.