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Weird Beat

Deal with the monsters blocking your way to freedom.



Leap from daring heights and avoid deadly robots in this free 2D platformer with 500+ levels.

Editors' rating


Kill Or Die

Colorful pixel platformer shooter, in the style of survival among the zombies. Buy new weapons


The Brave Mouse

The Brave Mouse is a simple 2D platformer with survival elements in which you play as a small but.


Adventure Cop 2

Choose between good and evil and kill your enemies.


Kamaz Truck Driver 4

Drive the legendary Kamaz truck.


Zombie Baby Vs Zombie Pank 2

Play as a zombie against other zombies and try to stay alive.


Zombie Baby Vs Zombie Clown

Win in zombie clown game.


Lep's World for Windows 10

''Lep's World" is a legendary 2D platformer / sidescroller (or jump and run), with over 175 million downloads.


Russian Volga GAS 24 Driver

Drive classic Russian Volga and try to avoid obstacles on the way.


Catch Monsters

Catch cunning monsters to save your life.


Fight Adventures

Run, jump, dodge dangers.