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Minecraft Server

Play a multi player game to build anything you can imagine with blocks.


Slender: The Eight Pages

Indie-developed psychological horror/survival horror video game.


Temple Run 2 for Windows PC

Play a popular mobile runner game on your PC.


Inventory Tweaks mod for Minecraft

Sort your inventory and your chests in a single click or keystroke.


JourneyMap mod for Minecraft

Get a real-time detailed map of the Minecraft world you explore.


Tinkers' Construct mod for Minecraft

Make, upgrade and modulate tools out of a wide range of materials.


3 Seasons

Play fun mind game with landscape pictures.


Candy Crush Saga for Windows PC

Join Tiffi and Mr. Toffee in their epic adventure, now on your PC.


Ball Shooter

Shoot all the balls by getting four or more balls of same color in a row.


Stellas Sandwich

Make sandwiches to earn as many points as possible.