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Evil In Sewers

Go down into the dark nooks and crannies of the old sewer to destroy the evil lurking there.


Delivery Club Kamaz

Bring the goods to their destination.


Windows Insider for Windows 10

The Windows Insider application provides registered Insiders the ability to receive pre-release OS updates on their phone, directly from Microsoft.


Dark Monster In City 2

Clear the city before dawn before the monsters can hide again only to reappear in a new place.


Devils Land

Fight among the ruins where your main enemies are demons.



Sneak into the bunker and destroy the freaks that still reside there.



Play Solitaire, Spider, and Freecell in a modern and stylish version of classic card games.


Epic Mayhem

Play a platform game with single player and local multiplayer modes.


Fight Adventures

Run, jump, dodge dangers.


Where Is Santa

Collect objects and go through various obstacles.


Technotron Defense

Build turrets that destroy waves of enemies


Deadmens In Catacombs 2

Enter the lower floors of a suspicious building and found something awful there.