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PC Guard for Win32

Protect your software with professional licensing.


Streaming Databar Barcode Server for IIS

Add GS1 DataBar barcode streaming generation to IIS.


Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Shell (integrated mode) Redistributable Package

Provide the runtime binaries needed to deploy your Visual Studio 2008 Shell (integrated mode) based application.


Any Base Converter

Convert 8-bit to 1024-bit integer between bases 2 through 36.


Media Transfer Protocol Porting Kit

Manage content on any portable device with storage.


Windows Identity Foundation for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

Simplify user access for developers with pre-built security logic and integrated .NET tools.


Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

Create web media contents and Windows desktop applications on PC.


Microsoft Expression Studio 4 Web Professional

Create standards-based Web sites, Web graphics, and streaming videos on your computer.



Generate database and DAL source code.


MyDesk Professional

Create computer software without using computer languages.


Enterprise Architect

Design, document, construct, and manage object-oriented software systems.


iReport Designer Portable

Create reports with different layouts and publish to various formats.