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GitHub Desktop

Contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.


Restorator 2007

Modify, add, and remove text, images, icons, sounds, videos in applications.



Check the spelling mistakes in your Visual Studio code.


Color Cop

Convert RGB decimal values into hex triplets.

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WinEdt (64-bit)

Edit and create LaTeX documents on your PC.



Build Web-style desktop applications right in Chromium-based browser.


Multimedia Fusion 2

Create games and multimedia applications without programming skills and knowledge.


Software Ideas Modeler (64-bit)

Create UML diagrams and export them to multiple image formats.



Extract internal CSS codes and save them on PC.


Binary Browser

Manage folder and file comparison and history, duplicates, shortcuts, compound files, unicode.


Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition - February 2008

Build Web services that adhere to well known architecture and design patterns.


Modbus Poll

Track and analyze your modbus slave devices.