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Resource Tuner

Browse, edit, and modify file resources contained in Windows executable files.


Free Script Editor

Modify Web scripts and HTML files.


HTMLPad 2020

Create, edit, validate, reuse, navigate, and deploy your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code.


Free Hex Editor Neo

Edit your hex data and binary files.


Project ASCII

Edit texts or code in a notepad application with changeable background and font color.


PE Viewer

View or edit Windows portable executable files.



Edit, sort, compare, merge, encrypt and decrypt files larger than 400GB.



Search text by context menu in sources for developers.


Microsoft Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit

Design, deploy, and support applications on various Windows platforms.



Try this simple, powerful hex editor.



Edit text, HTML, source code, and configuration files.


UDP - Sender/Reciever for Windows 10

UDP Sender / Receiver is a simple utility application that allows you to send UDP datagrams to another client or allows you to just listen for UDP packets.