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Website Page Multi-Language Translator

Make and create a multilingual Web site with over 100 other languages.


BlueVoda Website Builder

Create your Web site without HTML or coding knowledge.


Flashplayer HTML5

Play videos for HTML5 based Websites.


Visual Crossing Weather Forecast Wordpress Widget

Display beautifully formatted Weather Forecasts using a simple shortcode.


Website Thumbnail Capture

Create thumbnail images and download HTML source code of multiple Web sites.


CSE HTML Validator Standard

Check HTML, CSS, SEO, PHP, JavaScript, accessibility, or links.


Web Log Storming

Log and display Web site statistics as interactive charts and reports.



Convert Unicode text into Inpage text and vice versa.


HTML Match

Analyze changes between two HTML files with a visual Web page comparison utility.


HTML Editor .NET Edition

Design and edit simple HTML e-mail messages to send with e-mail clients.


Socusoft Web Video Player

Play videos on your own website easily with preset customizable player skins.


Git for Windows 64-bit

Access a lightweight, native set of tools that bring the full feature set of the Git SCM to Windows.