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Game Editor

Make games for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones and Pocket PC VGA devices.


SQL Query Tool (Using ADO)

Query OLE DB data sources, author SQL scripts, and execute multiple SQL scripts simultaneously.


Java SE Development Kit

Open JAR files with a Java platform.


TurboC Simulator

Simulate Borland's Turbo C/ TurboC ++ on any versions of Windows.


Automation Spy - Unmanaged

Inspect Microsoft UI Automation hierarchy of elements.



Search text by context menu in sources for developers.


dbMigration .NET

Migrate schema and data between different databases.


IronPDF The PDF Library for .Net

Add HTML to PDF conversion function to C# and VB ASP .NET applications.


VeryPDF PDF Extract Tool Command Line

Let your applications convert PDF to text, extract images from PDF .


Roblox Studio

Make Anything You Can Imagine.


Inno Setup Protect

Protect your installation setup files with anti Inno Extractor.