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Magix Website Maker

Create your own Web site online in Flash without any previous knowledge.


Intel System Studio

Identify performance bottlenecks, reduce power use, and go from prototype to product sooner.


Intel Graphics Performance Analyzers

Analyze, optimize, and debug game and media applications.


Intel Media Software Development Kit

Develop high-performing applications for digital surveillance, retail, industrial, smart home.


Intel SDK for OpenCL Applications

Employ harness parallel programming techniques for the current generation of Intel hardware.


Intel Math Kernel Library

Accelerate math processing routines, increase application performance, and reduce development time.


Intel MPI Library

Deliver flexible, efficient, scalable cluster messaging with MPI library for distributed computing.


SysTools SQL Log Analyzer

View, read, and analyze SQL Server database transaction log (.ldf) files.


Intel Performance Libraries

Optimize your code and shorten development time with Performance libraries for Intel architecture .


OpenVINO toolkit

Develop applications and solutions that emulate human vision.


Intel Threading Building Blocks

Get advanced threading for fast, scalable, parallel applications with widely used C++ library.


Intel Distribution for Python

Deliver fast Python application performance on modern Intel platforms.