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Developer Tools & Sub Categories


Liberty BASIC for Windows

Create your own utilities, games, and business applications.


POWER-KI Developer edition

Start programming using language designed for the realization of Intelligent Applications.


Microsoft Silverlight 4 SDK

Provide libraries and tools for developing Silverlight applications.


TurboC Simulator

Simulate Borland's Turbo C/ TurboC ++ on any versions of Windows.


Python Interpreter

Try this high-level scripting/programming language.


Silverfrost FTN95

Develop Windows applications using the Fortran 95 programming language.


Slimm Bat to Exe

Convert a batch file to an executable file.


ActiveState ActivePerl (64-bit)

Distribute Perl applications for 64-bit Windows OS.


Intel C++ Compiler Professional

Accelerate performance: New Intel C++ Compiler Pro 11.1 for Windows.


Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Professional

Optimize HPC - Intel Visual Fortran Compiler Pro 11.1 for Windows


ActiveState ActivePerl (32-bit)

Distribute Perl applications for Windows OS.


Python (64-bit)

Create large shell scripts using high-level data structures.