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2007 Office System Driver: Data Connectivity Components

Facilitate transfer of data between 2007 Microsoft Office System files and non-Microsoft Office applications.



Search/replace multiple substrings in multiple files.


Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows Server 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5

Offer tools, documentation, libraries, and samples for developing Windows applications.


Nepali Unicode

Type in Nepali romanized font and it will automatically convert romanized Nepali text.



Edit text, HTML, source code, and configuration files.



Provide Fast, Integrated Design and Development for Modern Apps.


UDP - Sender/Reciever for Windows 10

UDP Sender / Receiver is a simple utility application that allows you to send UDP datagrams to another client or allows you to just listen for UDP packets.



Provide native access to Excel files for your applications.


LCD Bitmap Converter Pro

Convert BMP, JPG, or PNG file to text code and vice versa.


Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium

Design, develop, and maintain interactive Web sites and apps.


Best Freelancer Script

Start your own readymade freelancer Web site within 24 hours.


Device Mock for Windows 10

Fit your screenshot into the device frame and generate a picture.