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Excel Insert Multiple Pictures Software

nsert one or more image files into a new MS Excel file.


Excel Split Files Into Multiple Smaller Files Software

Split one or more MS Excel files into smaller files by rows and/or columns.


LibreOffice Calc Extract Email Addresses Software

Extract e-mail addresses from one or more LibreOffice Calc files.


Editor for Excel Files

Create, edit, and format XLS, XLSX spreadsheets.


Larry Dunn's Spreadsheet Utilities

Accomplish more in Excel with less effort using menu-driven utilities.


XLS(x) Editor

Work with Microsoft Excel files, open, edit, save, create own spreadsheets.


ODS To XLS Converter Software

Convert one or more OpenOffice Calc files to Excel files.


Client for XLS

View, create, edit .xls and .xlsx files.


CSV to XLS Converter

Convert your CSV (comma-separated value) files to Excel format.


Excel Payroll Calculator Template Software

Create custom payroll calculations in Microsoft Excel.


Stellar Phoenix Excel Repair

Repair and fix damaged Microsoft Excel files.


Excel Convert Numbers To Text Software

Convert numbers or currency to words in Microsoft Excel ("7" becomes "seven").