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SAP Crystal Server 2020

Put business analytics directly into the hands of decision makers and business users.


Excel Add-In for XML

Connect Excel with XML Files data.


SQL Planner

Manage, monitor, analyze SQL server health with 50+ reports, alerts, advanced backup.



Manage your SQL database with this easy to use GUI.


eSign Signature Capture

Capture signatures and bind them to information stored in your FileMaker Pro database.



Find and fix bad CSV data using advanced database like system.



Create, view, and manage set of grid tables within searchable relational database management system.


SQL BAK Reader

Display the information of a SQL Server backup file.



View and manipulate Oracle databases and do programming in PL/SQL.


dbForge Documenter for MySQL

Generate documentation of an entire MySQL database in HTML, PDF, and Markdown file formats.


EMS SQL Management Studio for SQL Server

Administrate SQL Server databases, manage their schema, objects, design, migration, and extraction.


DBF Viewer 2000

Create, view, edit, export, and import DBF databases to other formats.