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Business Software & Sub Categories


Grammarly for Microsoft Office

Review text and perfect English writing right from Microsoft Word and Outlook.



Visualize data for SAS, CSV, and Excel formats.


Chicken Raise Program

Learn raising chicken, from beginning until selling at coop with calculated budget amount.


Business Letter Professional

Write business letters using more than 1,600 typical business letter templates.


Boachsoft LandLord

Manage your rental property business.


Google Translate for Excel

Add Google Translate translation service to MS Excel.


Movavi Slideshow Maker

Make movies from your photos in no time.


Word to PDF Converter

Convert word documents to PDF files.


Employee Attendance Tracker and Database for MS Access

Manage employee attendance and database in MS Access.


MaintSmart Enterprise CMMS

Analyze the way you use your computer and get suggestions on how to make things more efficient.



Measure development productivity and estimate costs using automatic code metrics analysis.


Microsoft Project 2000 Update SR-1

Manage a variety of projects.