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Calculate item sales and print the result.



Post comments and replies on various Web site forums from multiple accounts.



Realize multi-account automatic switching login to Facebook with batch actions.



View and manipulate Oracle databases and do programming in PL/SQL.


LexiCan Personal

Organize research material and build knowledge bases and project documentations.


Event Management Database

Manage running events, conferences, exhibitions; arrange venues, record attendee's details.


Microsoft Office 2013 DocRecrypt Tool

Change and unlock the passwords of your OOXML Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.


dbForge Documenter for MySQL

Generate documentation of an entire MySQL database in HTML, PDF, and Markdown file formats.


QuickBooks File Doctor

Resolve all the issues regarding opening QuickBooks files.



Design, write, and print personalized checks with logo from laser printer on blank check paper.


Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Manage your day-to-day corporate PC deployment tasks with ease.


QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes easily.