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Business Software & Sub Categories



Design PVC-aluminum windows or doors, generate customer offers, estimates, and supplies.


Pricing Rocks

Manage projects and pricing for your business or freelance job.


Pizza POS by Sassco

Manage customers and orders for a pizza shop.



Take care of take-off, estimating, jobs+project management, CRM, and plan views for your business.


Print Envelopes

Print envelopes, business cards, and labels.


The Small Business Assistant

Manage various business-related tasks and documents.



Print checks from your computer on blank check paper stock.


Boutique Software

Manage your boutique with a real time point-of-sale system.


Cash Advantage

Manage a pawn shop, gun store, payday loan, or title loan operation.


Effortless HR Software Suite

Manage your documents, projects, and employees.


Tailor Software

Manage tailoring shop, record all aspects of your tailoring business in matter of seconds.



Keep record of grooming records and connect them with emails.