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Print your documents on USB printers in DOS applications.


Manifold Viewer (64-bit)

Display/analyze hundreds of GIS and DBMS formats, use CPU and GPU parallel for speed and power.


Telephone Directory

Trace out mobile codes, STD codes, and ISD codes from your computer.


Forex Simulator

Simulate Forex trading in environment optimized for manual backtesting, learning, and training.


CloudCam Viewer for Windows 10

User Zeus IP Cam Viewer to view your Xmeye Cloud IP Cameras LIVE on your phone, MAC or PC and get free cloud storage.


CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator

Scan QR codes from a screen, files, a webcam and clipboard or generate your own OR codes.


Paypal Bangladesh

Explore the most popular Internet transfer medium Paypal in Bangladesh.


Baroda mPassbook

Baroda mPassbook is a mobile application on mobile device which shows all the account related details of the customer available to him through his account passbook on mobile phone app in a Smartphone.


Payworld for Windows 10

This Application is for Payworld Retailers.


QR Code Generator

Generate QR codes easily.


Apps Store for Microsoft Office

Provide a free App Store ribbon for Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.


Boachsoft LandLord

Manage your rental property business.