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Change your Firefox theme to a playful little fox.


Firefox Carbon

Get a simple and stylish Firefox theme with a carbon fiber elements.


Adobe SVG Viewer

View SVG files using a browser plug-in.



Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard.



Hide you true internet identity through a proxy while using Firefox browser.


Reddit Enhancement Suite

Enhance your Reddit browsing experience.


Ghostery (for Firefox)

Detect trackers and control their ability to view your online behavior.


Firefox Batik

Change your Firefox theme to an Indonesian inspired one.


Japanese Tattoo

Add a theme to your Firefox inspired by the art of Japanese tattoo.


Almond Blossoms

Transform the way your Firefox looks with the beautiful Van Gogh painting.


Little Flowers

Beautify your Firefox with this flowery theme.


NoScript Security Suite for Firefox

Allow active content to run only from sites you trust.