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FltPlan Go for Windows 10

FltPlan Go is the essential companion to the website.


Viewer for PHP

View PHP pages without installing Web server.



Study, educate, and research with interactive 3D molecular visualization of chemicals, crystals, and materials.


Instant Highlighter

Share and bookmark your posting across social networks.


Free Data Collector - Limitless Web Scraper

Gather data from any Web site right from your Chrome browser.

... Shorten Url

Make URLs short using


Hurricane Tracker for Windows 10

Hurricane Tracker provides you with the latest information about tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, East Pacific, West Pacific, Indian Ocean, and southern hemisphere.


Select and Speak

Select text from any Website and listen to it.


Pocket for Chrome

Save all of your content in one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device.


CNET for Windows 10

CNET is a collective of the tech-savvy and tech-obsessed.


Pale Moon Portable (64-bit)

Receive maximum portability with modern-day, self-contained, multi-host browser run from removable writable medium.


Microsoft Edge

Expect speed, performance, and compatibility with all your favorite sites and extensions.