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Perform anything you might actually need to do with cookies.


Daum Equation Editor

Solve different mathematical related problems within your Chrome browser.


Free Visio Viewer for Chrome

Open Microsoft Visio files directly from Gmail


Unseen for Facebook

Block the "seen" feature of the Facebook messenger.


JavaScript Injector

Save JavaScript and auto inject it to the web page.


adaware ad block for Chrome

Block online ads while browsing with Chrome.


Change Font Family Style

Change the CSS font-family of all text to a desired font name.


Auto Scroll

Scroll a page automatically with a speed defined by you.


Facebook Cookie Killer

Kill the Facebook cookies and not to be tracked as you browse the web.



Use your personal emoji in Gmail.


Search Administrator for Chrome

Search with optimized results catered by Yahoo search.


SterJo Chrome History

View detailed history of Google Chrome browser.