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Adobe Flash Player for Internet Explorer

View Flash multimedia content through your browser.


iMacros for Internet Explorer

Automate repetitious tasks of checking the same Web sites and filling out of Web forms.


Flash Downloader for Chrome

Capture and save rich Flash media in SWF format online with just one click.


Windows Internet Explorer 7 MUI Pack for Windows XP SP2

Add a set of language-specific resource files to Windows with Internet Explorer 7 installed.


AutoRefresher for IE

Set Web pages to refresh automatically.



E-mail selected text via Internet Explorer with right click.


Socks Proxy Search

Search socks proxies from various sites and forums.


ExtraTorrent Toolbar

Search torrent files on the Internet.


Download Manager

Download your large files quickly and easily.



Check spelling while typing text in Internet Explorer.



Customize, secure, and add features/extras to your Internet Explorer.


Yahoo Toolbar with Anti Spyware

Search the Web from anywhere, block pop-ups or spyware, and get one-click access to your mail.