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New Moon

Get a beautiful "Twilight" theme for your browser.


Windy Pro for Windows 10

Windy (also know as Windyty) is intuitive, fast, efficient and the most accurate weather forecast app trusted by professional pilots, surfers, boaters, fishermen, kiters, storm chasers and weather geeks.


HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome

Protect your web browsing from many forms of surveillance, account hijacking and censors.


Netscape Communicator

popular browser suite


Si Vreme for Windows 10

This application displays weather data for Slovenia in Slovenian language.


A Big Calculator

Have a calculator on the browser.


Download Assistant for Chrome

Download files from a web page with your favorite download manager.


Project Naptha for Chrome

Highlight, edit, translate, or modify text inside any images.



Evaluate SQL injections, XSS holes, and site security.



Access your favorite songs and mixes from Chrome browser.


ScrapBook for Firefox

Save Web pages locally and manage collections easily.


Poster for Firefox

Create and post HTTP requests on your favorite Web service or site.