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Unicode Converter

View and convert among character references, Unicode, and HTML entities.


SalamWeb Browser

Connect and contribute to the Muslim community near and far.


Globus Privacy Browser

Surf the Web via encrypted VPN connection.


Fudge - Coupons, Deals

Never pay full price again, add the best coupon code at any checkout.



Search the Web and support the tree planting program in Brazil.


Chrome Nanny

Limit sites and browsing time with Google Chrome.


Adult Blocker

Block access to adult content in Google Chrome.


Revolver - Tabs

Automatically rotate through open tabs.


The Onion for Windows 10

This is the official Windows 8.


X New Tab Page Chrome Extension

Optimize Google Chrome functionality.


My Study Life for Chrome

Plan your study schedules and keep them updated.


Showgoers for Netflix

Watch the same movie on Netflix with your friends or loved ones.