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Netflix Hangouts

Watch Netflix at work, disguised as a conference call.


Store text for a certain period of time with


Helium Backup

Enable Helium Backup on your Android device.


The Economist on Windows for Windows 10

weekly selection of articles from each week's edition of The Economist.


Webcam Toy

Take photos with your webcam using over 80 fun effects.


Readdle for Windows 10

Readdle is client forr RSS service Inoreader.


AccuWeather - Weather for Life for Windows 10

Stay connected to the latest in weather forecasting.


Yamli for Chrome

Write Arabic anywhere on the web using Yamli's Arabic Keyboard.

... for Windows 8

Offer India based news blog on your Windows 8 device.


Plant Vs. Zombies

Defend your home from invading zombies in this Google Chrome game.



Perform anything you might actually need to do with cookies.


Daum Equation Editor

Solve different mathematical related problems within your Chrome browser.