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Surf the Web, download files, and bypass Internet restrictions.

... Skipper

Skip page and move to the actual page.


Opera Mini PC

Surf the Internet at high speed and reduce traffic.


Gmail for Windows

Add to Google's Gmail service button on your Internet Explorer toolbar.


Edit This Cookie

Manage your cookies stored on Chrome browser.


NCSA Mosaic

Netscape and Internet Explorer alternative


Turbo Download Manager

Download files from the Web in Google Chrome.


HP Smart Print

Customize your documents and save toner.


Grammarly for Firefox

Correct misspelled words and phrase on Web.


All Nigerian News for Windows 10

Read all your newspapers and news sites online in one app.


Open in VLC Media Player

Add a context menu item to send audio/video streams directly from Google Chrome to VLC media player.


Adobe Flash Player 12 Beta 32-bit

View Flash multimedia content through your browser.