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Surf the Web, download files, and bypass Internet restrictions.

... Skipper

Skip page and move to the actual page.


Tamper Data

View and edit HTTP or HTTPS headers and post parameters.


Opera Mini PC

Surf the Internet at high speed and reduce traffic.


Torch Browser

Navigate the Internet using browser with powerful search, sharing, and multimedia capabilities.

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UseNext by Tangysoft

Get ad-free access to Usenet servers with over 2,500TB worth of data.


Edit This Cookie

Manage your cookies stored on Chrome browser.


Microsoft Edge

Go beyond browsing and write or type directly on web pages.


iMacros for Chrome

Record repetitious work and replay it when it needs again.


HP Smart Print

Customize your documents and save toner.


iMacros for Internet Explorer

Automate repetitious tasks of checking the same Web sites and filling out of Web forms.


Gmail for Windows

Add to Google's Gmail service button on your Internet Explorer toolbar.