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Disk Adapter For VMware Workstation

Connect RAW(DD) and EnCase(.E01) disk images to VMware Workstation Pro or(and) Player.


Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

Get the collection of games and applications for computers with multi-touch enabled displays running Windows 7.

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Monitoring COM Port

Receive a send data through COM ports, analyze data for carriage return and tab.


Cigati VHDX Recovery Tool

Repair the corrupted VHDX file data.


BodyMouse for Kinect

Control your mouse pointer and keyboard input with your body.


Nokia Map Loader

Manage the Ovi Maps application on your mobile via your computer.


.NET Caching Library

Utilize client side cache and perform distributed caching for use in a web farm.


MousePhone Server

Use your phone or tablet as a remote control for PC.


LightScribe Simple Labeler

Get the labeling application for your PC.


Remote System Monitor

Monitor your PC's status from your mobile device.


Auto Webcam Capture

View live data from your webcam and capture pictures.



Clean and optimize memory usage on your computer.