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Jailbreak your iOS device.


APKFordown Install

Install APK games and apps from PC to Android phone or tablet.


Zero Install Portable

Run applications without having to install them first.


LockHunter (32-bit)

Fight against malware and programs which blocks files without a reason.


QZAntics Slug

Slow down all system processing to an absolute crawl.


EMCO OS License Modifier

Change system's registered owner and registered organization info on remote PCs.



Lock down your PC into a kiosk mode securing the OS, desktop, and browser.


Serious Audio Control

Control individual application volume levels with your MIDI devices.


Enecsys PC Monitor

Monitor your Generation 1 Enecsys solar system from a local computer.


Disk Adapter For VMware Workstation

Connect RAW(DD) and EnCase(.E01) disk images to VMware Workstation Pro or(and) Player.


Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

Get the collection of games and applications for computers with multi-touch enabled displays running Windows 7.

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Monitoring COM Port

Receive a send data through COM ports, analyze data for carriage return and tab.