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Utilities & Operating Systems & Sub Categories


Device Manager

Display detailed information about your device.


Serial Port Monitor

Monitor RS232/422/485 COM ports in your network.


Manager for Devices Gold

Scan and get full characteristics of your Windows 10 devices.



Perform computer configuration analysis and view detailed information of your hardware.


Software Repair Tool

Resolve the most common software issues on Microsoft Surface devices.


Active Smart

Monitor the health status of your hard drive and check disk space usage.


Acronis Drive Monitor

Be alerted about the safety of your data.


PC Optimizer

Optimize your PC so it runs smoothly and quickly.


SSDLife Free

Monitor and protect your valuable data on solid-state drives from being lost.



Check the system is suitable for processing real time audio.


CPU Speed Professional

Measure the real speed of your central processor.


HardInfo Free Edition

Learn about your PC and its installed hardware to boost system performance.