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Band Store for Windows 10

A comprehensive list of windows phone apps connected with Microsoft band.


PC Manager

Use your storage efficiently and secure your privacy.


AnyFix - iOS System Recovery

Fix various iOS/iPadOS/tvOS/iTunes issues without data loss.


Reboot Restore Rx

Prevent any changes made on your drive(s) by restoring a saved baseline every time the PC boots up.


True Caller Tracker for Windows 10

True Caller Tracker shows the Mobile Number Location Offline.


Hide Programs

Hide installed programs from Add/Remove List and Start Menu.


NetScan - Network Scanner for Windows 10

NetScan - Network Scanner - Lite edition.


Simplified Virtual Floppy Drive (VFD)

Mount a floppy image file as a virtual floppy drive.


Key Remapper

Remap keys, mouse button presses, and the mouse wheel rotation.


Kernel Password Unmask

Reveal the password of FTP Client software.



Discover system and network information on local or network machine.


PickMeApp Installer

Manage software product life cycle: discover, install, upgrade, uninstall software.