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Backup Key Recovery

Retrieve product keys from crashed hard disk drive.


RegmagiK Registry Editor (64-Bit)

One click Registry shortcuts, quick search, remove invalid keys, speedup PC


Driver Support with Active Optimization

Update Windows device drivers and optimize system performance.


BootIt Collection

Perform multi-booting, partitioning, and disk imaging on standard BIOS and newer UEFI based PCs.


Windows Defender Status Manager

Monitor the status of Windows Defender on your Windows 8 PC.


FarStone DriveClone Free

Make an exact copy of a hard disk or SSD.


System Configuration Utility

Save and restore FW and BIOS settings to a binary file.


Process Lasso (64-bit)

Improve PC responsiveness and automate power plans and processes.


Process Lasso Server Edition (64-bit)

Monitor and automatically control processes to maximize system responsiveness during high CPU loads.



Tune and streamline your Windows experience for greater productivity.



Remove unwanted files from PC and free up disk space.


CPU Cooling Master - Laptop Cooler

Cool down your overheat laptop and keep your computer cooler.