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WMI Explorer

Explore the full set of WMI management classes, objects and properties.


Teral Soft SysINFO

Monitor how your system uses its resources in real time.


Auto Kill Any Process

Monitor and batch kill Windows processes at regular intervals.


VMware Server

Partition your physical server into multiple virtual machines.


Award Winflash

Award WinFlash utility is a program Which runs in a Windows environment to update,backup,and restore the system BIOS on a flash device.


Invalid Page Fault Opening File in Microsoft Paint Vulnerability Patch (Windows 95)

Fix a conflict that could cause errors when opening graphics files in Microsoft Paint after installing Office 97.


DiskInternals Boot CD

Boot Windows XP or Vista from a CD to restore files and data CD.


Keyboard Extensions

Manage various tasks on your PC using keyboard shortcuts.



Stop services and programs before running intensive applications.



Find and recover all deleted and lost files.

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Turn off the screen when locking down the system.


FAST toggl for Windows 10

A simple phone application for users.