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Utilities & Operating Systems & Sub Categories


Auto Presser

Hold a specific key continuously to automate repeated key strokes.



Run your applications 24/7 as a Windows Service to ensure 100% uptime.


KeepAlive Pro

Keep programs running and restart them when they fail.



Automate monotonous mouse and keyboard tasks on a Windows computer.


Focus Form Filling Auto Typer

Automate online/offline form filling data entry process.


Cok Free Auto Typer

Input words by pressing hotkey.



Close programs on a scheduled time or period automatically.


PC Timer .NET Edition

Schedule PC timer for complete power management.



Schedule your Windows system shutdown (restart, hibernate) using several conditions.


Service Trigger Editor

Configure and manage trigger based services on Windows.


Easy Hot Key

Put useful actions onto every key on your keyboard (f-keys as well).


Auto Key Clicker

Press a key automatically at a specified time interval