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Sprout Hub for Windows 10

Sprout Hub enables easy sharing of Sprout Workspace projects or content to Facebook, Twitter, or any other social network that is available via the Windows 'Share' charm.



Communicate, play games, and share files over your Wi-Fi and home or office networks.


Answer It

Replace your telephone answering machine with your PC.


Social for Facebook

Manage your multiple Facebook accounts with notification and instant chat.


Comments Manager

Manage all comments on Facebook.


Combin Scheduler

Schedule Stories and posts for auto-publishing and create beautiful Instagram feed.


Messages Manager

Send messages to all Facebook Page Fans with one click.


Mail app 4 YahooMail for Windows 10

Mail app helps you to keeep you updated with your yahoomail along with many tips and tricks.


WiFi Password Finder for Windows 10

This is best application for offline WiFi password generator for Windows Phone.


Discord Client for Windows 10

Finally, a Discord client for Windows Mobile (not official).


Client for Whatsapp for Windows 10

Free client for Whatsapp web.