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Clear any Facebook activity deleting every entry in the 'Activity Log', generated by the Timeline.



Web browser, service, and online tools.


Agile SCRUM for Trello Boards

Charge your Trello boards with story points, projects and progress bars.


Desktop Twitter

Manage your twitter in a simple way.


SecurityKISS Tunnel

Protect your private data and Internet connections.


EF Find Portable

Search for files text, HEX sequences, and regular expressions even inside archive files.


Origin Client

Play great PC games and connect with your friends, all in one place.



Host files and images and share them with others.


Xlight FTP Server

Host secure FTP server with SFTP, SSL, LDAP, ODBC, Active Directory, and e-mail notification.


Cloud Explorer

Sync and transfer files to S3 account.


Wing FTP Server

Administer a multi-protocol FTP server and monitor its performance.


Collect URL

List all the links on the URL.