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Internet Software & Sub Categories


Rons HTML Cleaner

Clean, process, and format HTML from any source; checks link, media, and content.


TweakMaster Pro

Optimize your Internet connection for faster downloads for dialup and DSL/cable.



Drag and drop picture files into Inspic to upload them easily.


Acrylic DNS Proxy

Override the validity time indicated into the server's DNS response.


CoronaVirus Tracker Script

Track Coronavirus cases.


Smart DNS Changer

Define filtered or non-filtered DNS settings for each user on your computer.


Microsoft NetMeeting

Collaborate with your business parteners and clients online.



Find and own your favorite domain names.


Ping Tools Plus

Get ping information from servers and IPs.


Windows Phone Store for Windows 8

Download apps and games from your Windows 8 device.


Windows Live Essentials (for Windows 7 and Vista)

Get a suite of free programs for photos, movies, IM, e-mail, and blogging.



Create and share mindmaps.