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Internet Software & Sub Categories


Global Torrent Searcher

Search for torrents to download files from various networks.


DuckDuckGo for Windows 8

Search and get instant answers on your Windows 8 device.


Super Fast MP3 Search and Download

P2P-free search & download MP3 files


Google Search

Search anything on Google using your Windows 8.



search database,organize references & create bibliographies


Bing Desktop

Search Web right from your desktop.


EF Find Portable

Search for files text, HEX sequences, and regular expressions even inside archive files.


Collect URL

List all the links on the URL.


Copernic Desktop Search

Search files, e-mails, and multimedia on your hard drive.



Search and compare movies based on scores from Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Letterboxd, and Metacritic.


Elite People Search

Perform searches for people by state, county, and city.


Alternate LDAP

Search e-mail and phone numbers on LDAP servers.