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Internet Software & Sub Categories


DNSS Domain Name Search Software

Find the perfect domain name in minutes.


Web Contact Scraper

Gather targeted business contact information from Web sites such as Yellow Pages, Yelp.


Click Fraud Prevention

Find the best click fraud prevention companies.


Active Whois

Browse all information for an IP address or domain name with a single click.

... Reverse Phone Lookup

By installing this program on your computer, you can easily and free reverse phone lookup.


Dahua ConfigTool

Scan the local network and configure all Dahua products.


Global Torrent Searcher

Search for torrents to download files from various networks.


DuckDuckGo for Windows 8

Search and get instant answers on your Windows 8 device.


Super Fast MP3 Search and Download

P2P-free search & download MP3 files


Google Search

Search anything on Google using your Windows 8.



search database,organize references & create bibliographies


Bing Desktop

Search Web right from your desktop.