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Defender for Windows 10

If you need to use two-factor authentication to access your business network and resources but don't want to carry a second device, then this is the solution for you.


Yammer for Windows 10

Yammer is the best-in-class enterprise social network that makes your job easier and more productive.


Excel Import Multiple PowerPoint Files Software

Import one or more MS PowerPoint files into a blank MS Excel file.


Excel Import Multiple MS Project Files Software

Import one or more MS Project files into a blank MS Excel file.


Excel Insert Multiple Pictures Software

nsert one or more image files into a new MS Excel file.


Excel Split Files Into Multiple Smaller Files Software

Split one or more MS Excel files into smaller files by rows and/or columns.



Connect with creative people like you.


Microsoft Office OneNote

Grab, gather, and organize your, pictures and notes in one spot.


LibreOffice Calc Extract Email Addresses Software

Extract e-mail addresses from one or more LibreOffice Calc files.


MS Word Import Multiple OpenOffice Writer Documents Software

Import many OpenOffice Writer files into a blank MS Word file.


Akkadian Provisioning Manager

Automate the provisioning of Cisco Collaboration.


Hitech BillSoft

Provide Billing and Invoicing software for small and medium businesses in India.