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Word Editor for MS Office for Windows 10

Word Editor for MS office is a magic, easy-to-use word processor that can make the writing and the picture have perfect layout, support Retina resolutions and export all the comman formats: pdf, rtf, doc and more.


Power BI Desktop for Windows 10

Power BI Desktop puts visual analytics at your fingertips.


Scratch Coupon - Prestashop Addons

Engage customers towards your store by providing scratch coupon discounts.


Convert Word to Video 4dots

Convert Word documents (DOC, DOCX) to video.


Convert Powerpoint to Video 4dots

Convert Powerpoint (PPT, PPTX) presentations to video


Postage Saver Postal Bulk Mail Sorter

Sort mailing lists for postal bulk mail, print tray/sack tags and postal forms.


Point of Sale Manager 3 for Windows 10

Point Of Sale Manager will keep track of money and transactions from Garage Sales, Yard Sales and other small retail sales.


Core for Windows 10

The CORE is built to support the growing need of extensibility in enterprises.


Patient Medical Record and History Software

Maintain patient records and histories for your practice.


Ecobank Omni Token for Windows 10

The Ecobank Omni app is a highly secure, world-class and integrated electronic portal that allows you to manage all of your online business, banking transactions and information 24/7.


Convert Powerpoint to Images 4dots

Convert PowerPoint presentations to JPG images in batch.


Convert Word to Images 4dots

Convert Word documents to JPG images in batch.