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Communications & Sub Categories


FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro

Send, receive, and manage faxes on Windows PC.


FaxTalk Multiline Server

Set up network fax server to create and send faxes directly from users' computers.



Monitor and schedule your Internet connection.


EA Download Manager

buy and download EA games


BySoft StayAlive Pro

Avoid getting disconnected from your ISP by simulating the Internet activity.



Dial into the Internet and transfer files with this program.


Phone dialer

Make a phone call from your desktop.


Bluetooth PC Dialer

Dial your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone with a single click from your PC.


JavaScript Popup Box

Embed a JavaScript popup form into your site to ask your visitors for their name and email.


PuTTY Portable

Control a remote terminal over Telnet/SSH protocol.


TZ Connection Booster

Speed up your connection without any networking or communication background requirements.


Net Meter

Monitor your bandwidth and network data.