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Access your Gmail, Google Apps, Zimbra, and Office 365 from desktop.


Mass Email Sender

Edit, analyze, and send bulk e-mails.


MailEnable Standard

Set up Microsoft Exchange alternative for messaging and collaboration on Windows.



Manage multiple e-mail accounts and create filtering scripts while staying virus-protected.


Domainkeys/DKIM for IIS/Exchange Server

Add DomainKeys/DKIM signature to outgoing E-mails from specified domains.


Atomic Mail Sender

Send e-mail messages to multiple recipients.


Business Promotion Software for Startups

Promote business and gain genuine customers worldwide with massive personalized marketing mailing campaign.


Eudora OSE

Enhance your communications with a powerful email client.



Host an Exchange-level mail server with spam protection, spell checking, and a Web mail system.


Free Email Verifier

Check mailing lists and remove invalid or duplicate e-mail addresses.



Insert smiley faces into emails.



Clean various formatting characters out of your emails.