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Omega Messenger

Chat with other people via Yahoo, MSN, AIM, or ICQ Messenger in one click.

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Talkeroo Instant Messenger

Instant messaging (IM), Voice Chat Rooms, open a chat room and talk to anyone from around the world.


MyJabber Instant Messaging Client

Chat with your Jabber friends and also ones on AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC.


Hikari Anime Chat

Chat and share with anime fans.


Hotmail Messenger Fix

Stop MSN Messenger from launching when you open your Hotmail account.


Vypress Chat

Set up chat sessions among the members of your network.


BitRecover Skype Chat Viewer

Read Skype chat main.db file and convert into 5+ formats.


inSpeak - the Voice Chat communicator

Send voice, video, and text messages.


IceChat IRC Client

Connect to various IRC servers easily with multiple features.


Camfrog Operator Tool 2

Get access to all available room operator commands and play songs without interruptions.


SSuite IM Video Chat

Improve communication in your company, student campuses, or home network.


LanTalk NET

Exchange messages across your office LAN using special, business oriented software.