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Communications & Sub Categories



Chat with your friends through online.


Secure Instant Messaging

Send and receive instant messages over IP with encrypted data.


Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Allow information workers to communicate in real time.


ICQ Pro 2003b

Seek out friends and colleagues on the Internet and communicate with them in real time.


Windows Live Messenger 2012

Stay in contact with your friends and family.


Outikou IM

Exchange messages with ease.


Softros Terminal Services Engine for Softros LAN Messenger

Add Terminal Service Server support to the Softros LAN Messenger.


Free Multi Skype Launcher

Launch multiple Skype sessions on one PC.


AIM for Windows

Exchange text messages, organize group conversations, share photos, videos.


Google Hangouts

Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group.



Texting and so much more. Conversations come to life on Messenger.


Perfect Fake Webcam

Add a virtual Webcam for video chats software such as Skype, MSN, or IM.