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Communications & Sub Categories


Local Messenger LE

Exchange messages within a local network.



Operate your Camfrog Video Chat.


PanFone WhatsApp Transfer

Back up and restore WhatsApp messages between iOS and computer.


isimSoftware Whatsapp Bulk Message Software (Turkish)

Send bulk Whatsapp messages directly from your PC.


MOM 10

Create group chats in your internal network,


Video Chat

Combine video chat and IM into one program with auto translation from 50 languages.



Exchange secure instant messages through LAN and over the Internet.


Decipher Messenger Export

Convert your Facebook Messenger conversations to PDF for saving or printing.



Chat, send files and messages over LAN in your office.



Chat with your friends through online.


Secure Instant Messaging

Send and receive instant messages over IP with encrypted data.


Microsoft Office Communicator 2005

Allow information workers to communicate in real time.