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Record Skype Conversations Software

Record the audio of Skype calls.


123 Flash Chat Module for phpBB

Add live chat rooms for phpBB forums seamlessly, user fully integrated.


SuperTintin Skype Recorder

Records audio and video Skype calls.


Network Assistant

Transfer files, control remote processes on your network, and incorporate chat functionality.



Start business chat with video call, documents sharing, and schedule integrated.


MSN Content Adder

Manage your MSN content packs.


Local Messenger LE

Exchange messages within a local network.



Operate your Camfrog Video Chat.


PanFone WhatsApp Transfer

Back up and restore WhatsApp messages between iOS and computer.


isimSoftware Whatsapp Bulk Message Software (Turkish)

Send bulk Whatsapp messages directly from your PC.


MOM 10

Create group chats in your internal network,


Video Chat

Combine video chat and IM into one program with auto translation from 50 languages.