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Communications & Sub Categories


Smart Lens

Monitor and recording your IP cameras.


Eyeball Chat

See your friends while you are chatting over an instant video messenger.


Logitech Webcam Software for Windows 10

Capture photos and videos, upload to Facebook with one-click, adjust camera settings.



Record video from all kinds of video devices.


Webcam Capture

Capture a picture or video.


Live Me Pc

Use on a Windows computer inside of Android emulator.


Webcam Simulator

Simulate a Webcam using your video files.


IP Cam Soft Basic

View and control your IP cameras, DVRs, or network video recorders remotely.


WebCam Monitor

Turn your PC and camera into a video surveillance system.


Webcam Surveyor

Record video from your Webcam, take snapshots, create time-lapse videos, and broadcast live video.


EatCam Webcam Recorder for Yahoo Messenger

Record Webcam audio and video while chatting.


Fake Webcam

Apply cool effects on your webcam or broadcast videos as webcam if you don't have a webcam.